Cromwell tank

This is a start of a set of personal work I've had planned for awhile. I'm going to be making a couple of British WW2 tanks then I'll move onto other nations.

This was made just for fun, I didn't set myself any solid limits but I did find two links that was helpful with regards to tanks in World of tanks and War thunder. - This had really good info on LOD0's etc. - Great workflow breakdown by Alex Buryak.

Couple of things I plan to do for the next few tanks after learning from this whole process :
-Do a proper pass in ZBrush.
-Add more props and alike on the tank itself, give it more of a story.
-Do variants if needed.

After this I plan to make the following tanks next at some point :

-Churchill (and other variants)
-Matilda II
-Valentine (archer variant)
-Sherman firefly

I haven't done a proper vehicle in such a long time and I really enjoyed working on this. I hope I can push the next tanks even further.

Lighting test of the Cromwell in toolbag 4.

Lighting test of the Cromwell in toolbag 4.